in memory it almost feels as if I were present as a full witness from the very beginning




 _ Unannounced (Invitation) _

invite with border 2_1.png

Forty people received invitations for two installed events.

They went through the first alone and the second in small groups.

This project was an adaptation of David Foster Wallace's "The Soul is Not a Smithy," a story full of painful rememberings and ritual.


_ Alone (Interview) _

entering the interview

The attendant led each person into a small, private room.

Inside was a library lamp, a microphone, and a stack of cards:


_ Together (Excavation) _

IN MEMORY-2017-01.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-02.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-03.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-04.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-05.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-06.jpg

Inside the blocks, masks —

IN MEMORY-2017-07.jpg

and from the mouths of the masks came the recorded, whispered interviews.

IN MEMORY-2017-08.jpg
IN MEMORY-2017-10.jpg

AMT BOX OFFICE and DIRECTING STUDIO, Williams College 2017

advisors Natalie RobinAmy Holzapfel, and David Gürçay-Morris

design assistant + interview manager  Gabriel Wexler

operator + stagehand Calen Firedancing

photography David Dashiell